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January 3, 2022

NC Rapper The Yungin Is “Bussin Moves” (Video)

North Carolina native/rapper The Yungin releases the official video to his hit single “Bussin Moves” produced by Revx59. His flow hits hard over a blend of trap melodies and piercing piano keys. His self-assertive lyrics and catchy hook proclaim his 2022 status. While other rappers are plotting their next clout chase, he and his crew are bussin moves in and out of the booth. The cinematic vibe underlines his message and is sure to have viewers echoing the hook in unison. Watch the official video for “Bussin Moves” and connect with The Yungin below.

Connect with The Yungin

Instagram: @therealyungin1

Twitter:  @Th3RealYungin1

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July 18, 2020

Ms. Tip – TRAP GIRL CHRONICLES: The Introduction (Video)

Columbia, SC-based artist Ms. Tip releases visuals for “TRAP GIRL Chronicles: The Introduction.”

In this introduction, Ms. Tip delivers tight punchlines and gritty bars about her boss reign and moves. As a boss, she lives by the code of a tight circle while looking out for haters disguised as fans.

With all corners marked Ms. Tip is on point elevating with nothing but wins. Watch “TRAP GIRL Chronicles: The Introduction” and connect with Ms. Tip below.